Online Coaching Website

Teach what you are expert at to your students with ease form anywhere on this world.
Make the entire teaching process automated for you as well as for your students.
Make Career as a Digital Coach.
Future of Teaching is Online, best time to get into it.

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What is Online Coaching Website or Learning Management Website (LMS)?

If you are expert at something and you want to impart that knowledge to millions of people, then Online Coaching website is the Best way to go.

Online Coaching Website involves many aspects to make it successful. There should be some form of lead capture, automated email sequences, automated course drip sequence, some form of certification after course completion.

Many coaches, musicians, artists making their career with online coaching, its time you should start it if you have been thinking about it.

What are the necessities for having a online coaching website?

Payment/membership system should be there in the website from which you can take certain charges for providing your teaching services.

Video hosting should be there. Some prefer using teachable website where they can host a video and a system where they can release the tutorial videos in drip format. Other prefer using third party hosting services.

Some form of Automation tool is required which will keep all the system automated. You will be able to focus just on creating the courses, other things will be automated.

The entire system might sound complicated at first. But once set up properly, it will work smoothly. You will be able to utilize you full time on creating courses and marketing only. Everything else will be handled by the system.

You can contact us if you want to make a career through online coaching. We would understand your expertise, analyze your target market and come up with best customized solution that fits your needs.

Why Choose Us for Your Online Coaching Website?

Unlimited Revisions

You can ask for design revisions until you are satisfied with your website looks.

Google Integrations

We integrate google tag manager, google analytics and search console which will help you get detailed data about your website performance.

Entire Automation System setup

Along with website, we will set up all the required tools needed to make the entire teaching process automatic.

3 Months FREE Maintenance

You work on creating online courses while we do the work of website maintenance.

Tutorial Videos

We would provide you tutorial videos on how you can use the system, upload videos and make few changes yourself.

Website Marketing Consultation

We will guide you on how you can utilize blogs and other platforms for generating leads organically.

Pricing for Online Coaching Website

Starts at

₹ 37,999 /-
₹ 43,999

* It’s a one time investment.

If you don’t have any idea on how this system works but you want to pursue your career on online coaching, we are here for you.
We will guide you step by step throughout the process and make you comfortable with the entire system.
You can reach us if you first want to understand how this system works.

Lets Set Up a website and Automation System for your online coaching business
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